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At Thinkinno, we have several separate teams that include multiple roles like Business Analyst, User Interface Designer, Technical Architect, Developers, Testers, Usability Expert and Project Manager, working on a wide range of industry-specific custom apps and commercial data systems. These days, custom web application development in India has reached the highest of global standards; and we intend to make a name for bringing new innovations to the industry.

As one of the top companies managing projects of custom application development in India; we initiate each project by carefully understanding the complete scope of your project. Thinkinno your best choice for customized business software because we dedicate project teams based on the experience and skill sets of our many experts; and not on the size of your package.

The Primary Planning: A Thinkinno team will carefully assess your requirements against your budget and resources to come up with the feature list and its estimate for your project. We believe that the client has to be an integral part of the development process and we care to include any additional references or experience we have gained with similar projects. As a service provider of custom web application development in India; we believe that the value additional that we do through our techno-functional expertise enable us to contribute to the success of our client and to create applications that is beyond the imagination of our clients.

The Techno-Functional Approach: At Thinkinno, we believe in implementing powerful technology with irreplaceable human instinct and talent to handle the functional domain. Our technical architects carefully create the architecture; while our functional teams ensure that the business requirements are 100% met by repeatedly testing the applications using all possible cases. Each project is tested using hundreds of test cases that are executed for various testing purposes to ensure the smooth running of the application and ensure the efficient product delivery.

The Management: The management takes utmost care that the processes are followed carefully to ensure the quality of the development. Our first-time-right approach ensure that the desired application are developed without any re-work. Along with that proper risk management is also done during all the stages of the development. After delivering a finished Thinkinno created software, we take our clients through an extensive training session on how to apply and adapt this new tool into their work. However, our participation with our clients is far from over. We also provide support for the smooth running of the application and also to continuous value-addition by suggesting various possibilities to value-add to the project.

We also provide a host of other services and solutions related to the vast considerations under outsourced custom application development including –

  • Software Support
  • Software Enhancements
  • Databank Management
  • Integration with other applications
  • Social Networking and Media Integration
  • Multi-Platform Integration
  • Software Upgrading and Systems Modification

As one of the Top vendor for custom web application development from India; we undertake the complete creation, execution, and long-term support services for every project that we deal with. We can help you build a strong and efficient online or offline system; while also providing the nuanced solutions you can expect from the most capable enterprises for software design and custom application development and beyond!

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