It is tough to find a really good offshore software development company and there are no shortcuts if you want to get hold of the best one. You want to choose an agency that perfectly understands your requirements and delivers the aptest software within the stipulated deadline. As almost every company claims to be your perfect software vendors, you should do your research before making a choice. Here are the six qualities that you should check when choosing your partner for software development needs:

Expertise in customized software development

The first thing you must understand is whether the company provides its own customized software development services. There are firms in the market that only offer pre-developed software. They don’t customize them according to the customer’s needs. A customized software development company analyses the objectives and requirements of the business organization and develops a software accordingly.

Experienced development team

Have discussions with the technical team prior to the development so that you are sure that they are efficient to create the required software. This is an important step if it’s a long-term project that has complex steps, which need to be clarified at every step of the way. These discussions will help you identify what to expect from the company.

UX development

Have the software’s target audience in mind and communicate the same to the company. An experienced organization can provide insights on the user experience essential for the project. Check their portfolio and testimonials and see if the company guarantees the best possible product quality.


Choose a development company that guarantees complete security when it comes to the sensitive and confidential information regarding the project. Be it a high-end company or a small firm, security is essential and you need to verify that when you’re making your choice.

Past testimonials

Ask for sample projects or references of their past clients to make an informed decision and check whether the project was completed successfully. Many organizations swear by their experience in dealing with projects of your kind, but who is there to vouch for them? Of course, some of them are bound by contract to not reveal details about their assignments. But, you can always ask for references or testimonials.


Ensure that the company gives you a complete quotation of the estimated price. If they are not eager to do so, look for another firm.

In several ways, it is a great choice to hire a customized software development company in India