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Thinkinno has a most dedicated R & D team to test and analyze several different types of online and offline programs and platforms according to our client’s specific needs. While there are now several of the world’s top software testing companies in India; we believe that there is still a lot more we can achieve in this sector. When it is about software testing, parameters can always be stretched to discover more resources and applications within any kind of project!

To provide a distinct selection of vital software testing services in India from amongst so many different enterprises; Thinkinno covers a wide range of testing solutions for our clients:

Manual Testing: With emphasize on quality, we have gained expertise in manual testing. Right from the unit test case creations to confirming the integrated test cases and executing the same for White-box / Black-box testing gives the confidence of quality delivery.

Data Testing: With our techno-functional expertise, we not only understand what should be tested functionally but also know how it can be tested technically. With our tailored scripts for each and every important dataset, we develop test scripts that does testing 247. Our approach towards testing gives our clients relief from the worry of issues due to bad data.

Big Data: These days, almost all of a company’s information, legal and financial documents, and communication are processed online. The test environment is closely secured for all our projects, but we dedicate extra measures for Big Data projects where a company’s sensitive information is at stake. Our long sessions of operational and offline tests ensure that your data servers and system drives are completely bulletproof against random infiltration.

E-Governance: We are distinguished among the handful of software testing companies in India who are also an STQC approved test laboratory. At Thinkinno, we offer the full range of analysis, case studies, certifications and compliance testing protocols required for E-Governance clearance and approval in India; including upgrades and re-registration solutions for international projects as required for each individual client and their different operations.

Load and Performance: We have blunt force high-end servers to overload systems with data and online packets during performance tests. Thinkinno always tests under specifications and parameters held at standard in places like Singapore, Tokyo, Moscow and New York; because we believe that most companies do not test under heavy bandwidths used abroad.

Security: To provide our clients a better assessment of their system and network security measures; our outstanding team of ethical hackers and coders look for the tiniest back-doors and loopholes in your system. We at Thinkinno pride ourselves in being one of the software testing companies in India with an excellent team of expert infiltrators for the testing; as well as the most creative team of programmers and designers for the error management to follow!

Testing Automation: We have worked on AI systems and integrated smart technology systems to provide automation tests and self-management on programs meant to operate without supervision. We instill multiple checkpoints and analyze each stage of operation to identify any irregularities or failures. We use open tools, as well as a number of extremely specific software applications to ensure that our automation tests are as accurate as numbers should be.

Thinkinno believes that only several different levels of testing by different teams can yield accurate and actionable results. We ensure that our test results are most accurate by engaging in both random and scheduled tests during the project. Whether we are working on our own program designs or a third-party software; we ensure that the tests are conducted on a long list of parameters to ensure maximum efficient. While the standards and benchmarks for software testing services continue to grow; we hope our dedication and efforts can surely help our clients better understand, modify, and apply their software assets and online platforms.

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