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Most software development services start with a short client brief and end with the final delivery of a tested product. At Thinkinno, we believe that the client has to be an integral participant in the development process. We have been placed among the leading brands in custom software development from India because of our methodology and commitment to perfection.

Our system for providing the very best services in outsourced software development in India follows a very thorough and systematic process. Here is the basic structure we follow –

(a) Business Requirement Analysis: At Thinkinno, we understand that your customized software is an investment; and there are a lot of statistics and calculations that are at play. We undertake a thorough requirement gathering process with our clients’ data and external references to create a perfect plan for your particular industry requirements. All the requirements are numbered and for each one of them the mock-up screens are developed so that clients can relate screen with its functionality.

Outsourcing software development in India rarely involves much market research and analytics, but we believe that such data gives us a better understanding of the client’s market realities. This helps us develop the best applications and programs according to each individual project.

(b) Individual Creative Consultation: Most large companies providing software development services in India will offer you a product created on their standard base architecture. This leaves your software devoid of originality and a strong brand impression. We strive to ensure that each of our software products are unique and completely effective to their purpose.

Thinkinno believes in thorough creative consultation prior to initiating a project; while constantly referring to the client for suggestions and recommendations along the way. Our designers find new elements to add to the functionality of your project; while your participation provides us the key insight that helps us design the perfect software solutions for your needs.

(c) Thorough R & D and Prototyping: To provide high-end services like custom software development we have to guarantee that each program is unique and that each architecture is designed from scratch. This is why we encourage our clients to be participants throughout the R&D and prototyping stages of the development process.

By engaging in a long and multi-tier prototyping and R&D process; we are able to provide our clients the best resources within their project budgets. Our coding, unit testing, and system testing stages are also closely discussed with the client for a more successful execution. Our thorough R&D system has made us the one of the best brand for outsourced app development in India.

(d) Design Management and Interface: A software is only as good as it feels for the end-user, and even the most complex software program may be ineffective if it is not easy to understand. As one of the best vendors for outsourced app developing from India; Thinkinno pays a lot of attention to detail towards design management and smooth interfacing.

After we have satisfactorily understood our client’s requirements and our usability experts incorporated their necessary suggestions into the program with our team of designers start to make the software application human-friendly. We ensure that the application is highly usable, easy to operate (without help manuals) and enables users’ to perform the operations quickly. Refer our blog Inexpensive Usability to know more.

(e) Extensive Testing and Debugging: When outsourcing software development in India, one of the chief concerns for a client is the long-term reliability, quality, and performance of their project. We pride ourselves on our strict quality management capabilities, and undertake the most detailed testing and debugging processes on each of our many projects.

We seek to raise the very standards of custom software development in and put a lot of effort towards this objective. Individual test cases are developed based on real-life complications that the client may expect for their industry, and the most effective solutions that they are looking for. There are several layers of random tests as well as planned tests to ensure that there are no errors by the time the product is finished for delivery.

(f) Training and Product Support: We provide all of our clients an extensive training program and our experts teach entire teams on how to operate and modify their individual programs according to their specific work profiles. However, our duties as one of the foremost software and application developers in India doesn’t quite end there!

Since Thinkinno is all about making the quality of software development services in India better; we also provide complete System Governance and long-term Software Application Lifetime Management Plans. This helps us ensure that our customized products are functioning at full efficiency and satisfying our clients’ expectations over many years to come.

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