Your Personal information

We have landing pages that provide visitors with free calculators/utilities. In order to communicate related to the same, we may require the user’s email/phone.


Automatically collected information

For various analytics we gather information like which browser is being used, from where the site is accessed Geography, Browser, Device Type (Desktop / Laptop or Mobile), Date Time of access etc. In such a case, no personal information is captured or used.


Manage Your Users

We recommend to manage your users effectively and deactivate the users that are no longer needed to use the application or have resigned or in any other case. You will be responsible for any problems, loss, issues caused by any of your users.


Third Party links & Integrations – Email | SMS | Calendar | Web-hooks | APIs

The responsibility of linking and integrations your account on this application with the third-party utilities/sites lies with you. We do not control and are not responsible for third-party sites/links/integrations. It is the users’ discretion for using such facilities and the responsibility lies with the user.


Security & Credentials

Your credentials of using the system is securely stored, and we recommend to have a very secure password with a combination of UPPERCASE ALPHABETS, lowercase alphabets, special characters, number, it should not be your name, birthday or sequence of the numbers etc and recommend it to be over 10 characters. And we strongly recommend to memorize and do not write anywhere and also do not share with anyone. In case, we are not liable for any kind of loss of data or any problem caused due to the breach of security.


Limited Liability

For any loss, breach, intrusion, data issues, use or miss-use due to any feature, integration, credentials, access control or any other reasons, caused by you, your team, anyone including humans or the program. In no event the total liability exceeds the amount paid by you for your subscription in that year.


Policy Changes & Updates

The right to change the policy anytime in the future at any frequency is reserved with us. The privacy policy does not bind anybody towards a contract or legal rights.


Our Support Team

For any questions, requests, demos, training, assistance or support, please email

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