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Universal Webmaster

BankersGPS is the trusted web-based solution for more than 5,000 community banks and Universal Webmaster is a comprehensive portal taking care of managing users of multiple Products, manage subscriptions and billing, extract historic data from BankersGPS database, reporting etc.

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Solution Overview

  • Multi-Product multi-access combination.
  • Multi-Product multi-subscription combination.
  • Extraction of historical data
  • Reports – Access, Usage


Challenges / Business Problem

Build the product with features like:

  • Client Management 
  • Client’s User Management
  • Clients Subscription Management 
  • Clients Access Management to Multiple Products 
  • Manage 5000+ Institutions 
  • Edit Historic Financial Data of hundreds of line items of over 5000+ institutions 
  • Each product of BankersGPS is independently accessible as well as accessible in combination with other products. One of the challenges was managing such complex combinations of access rights and subscriptions. 
  • Multiple Reports on User, Subscriptions, Page Access and much more
  • All the data should be exportable to excel
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