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Data Download, Analysis, Validation & Migration

Strategy Planning & Execution

Solution Overview

  • The solution is SAAS (Solution as a service) based.
  • It enable users to manage Vision, Mission, Core Values.
  • It enables users to perform and note SWOT analysis.
  • It enables users to determine Objective, its measures and initiatives with a defined start and end dates.
  • It enables users to create/add/maintain users and assign the objectives and initiatives.
  • It enables app to remind / email users for their upcoming objectives and initiatives.
  • It enables users to benchmark, monitor and track results.
Strategy Planning & Execution - Thinkinno Technology

Challenges / Business Problem

Build product with features like:

  • Determine the strategic direction and strategic focus of a company.
  • Determine SWOT
  • Create and maintain objective in relation to SWOT
  • Ability to Perform Market Analytics.
  • Gather, Download and Analyze the State / County / Zip Code and Census Tract level Demographic data like Income, Age, Household etc.
  • Plot various demographic data on the map for various visualization and analysis purpose.
  • Generate various reports with a facility to export to Excel / PDF.


Client & Users

Region : North America

Project Overview

  • Schedule : 40-50 weeks Sprint – iterative method
  • Team Size : 5

Solution Include

Three Projects

  • MS Visual Studio 2013
  • MS SQL Server 2014
  • .NET Framework 2.0 & 4.5
  • MS FxCop
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • MS Project
  • PDF Tool
  • Google Maps
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