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Case Study – Referral Management System

Solution Overview

  • The solution is SAAS (Solution as a service) based.
  • It is an application for Loan Consultant Companies or DSAs (Direct Selling Agents) of Banks & NBFCs.
  • It enables to a DSA to monitor & Track loan applications.
  • It enables a movement of an application on a pre-defined workflow.
  • Automatic notification to customers on the progress of an application.
  • Post disbursement Services
  • Manage Document list
  • Manage Banks Legal Report
  • Generate a professional PDF

Challenges / Business Problem

Build product with features like:

  • System should allow to manage contacts/ upload contacts.
  • Should enable lead management.
  • Should enable task management.
  • Auto reminders on pending tasks.
  • Monitor lead sources.


Client & Users

Region : India

Project Overview

  • Schedule : 4-5 weeks Sprint – iterative method
  • Team Size : 5

Solution Include

Three Projects

  • MS Visual Studio 2018
  • MS SQL Server 2016
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • MS FxCop
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