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At Thinkinno, we seek to set ourselves apart from the general standards of the industry. We are ranked among the top vendors for Android and IOS application development in India; and believe that with close client participation and interaction during the development process; we can develop better programs for each project.

Though you may have consulted several companies offering solutions like customized mobile app development in India; here is how we do it at Thinkinno –

A Distinct Strategy: Every mobile application has to be well planned, and we understand how most developers only focus on the technical priorities. Our development team is more than capable of improvising and innovating the various tools and resources to create a brand-specific mobile application; but we do this by developing a distinct strategy with close communication with the client. With extensive knowledge and experience of working on various different types of apps; we have built up quite an eclectic portfolio for us to take references from.

User Experience and Design Management: For any scale of IOS or Android app development in India, the creators need to ensure that the design leads to a satisfying user experience. At Thinkinno, we focus on making sure that our end product is user-friendly in all aspects; and we do this by carefully analyzing the ways the product will be used, and the purpose of its design. While most companies for IOS application development would focus on technology; we believe that a close attention to human behavior is the key to a successful mobile software!

The Architecture and Coding: Most clients do not understand coding and software architecture; and that is why they hire professionals for mobile app development. India has an abundance of programmers and software developers, but a large scale commercial app requires an integrated team effort. At Thinkinno, our entire family of professionals takes to ensure that each project has an individually written code; and an architecture designed to suit the objectives and purposes of the intended product. Our teamwork and experienced professionals are our strongest assets; and has helped us become one of the most reliable vendors for high-end IOS application development in India within only a few years.

Testing and Troubleshooting: Debugging and testing is one of the most critical aspects of a successful application development process; and we provide complete Lifetime Management, Upgrading, and Troubleshooting services for all of our products. We perform several rounds of random and planned tests to ensure that no errors are identified during long hours of system tests and live operations. Our packages for any type of mobile app development in India always includes a basic service package based on the extent of your particular project.

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