Who We Are

Lead Management System

An intelligent system to Track Your Leads To Convert Faster To Grow Your Business.LeadVictor is used for Lead Mgmt, Contact Mgmt, Task Mgmt, Automation of communication and standardization of the tasks. And has the features of a CRM.


Features That Will Enhance

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Track Leads

Add leads. Assign leads. Get lead age. Get action history. Determine next move to close the lead.

Perform Tasks

Fully configurable standardized tasks. Auto Add Tasks. Assign individual tasks to team members. Task Groups.

Manage Contacts

Fully configurable contact groups. Contacts Sources.

Get Reminders

VICTOR will remind you with Emails / SMS, Calendar, Weekly Summary.


Daily Auto Report of Pending Tasks and Manage Events & Actions.

Email & SMS

Fully configurable templates. Communicate with Prospects, Clients, Referral Partners.

Assign Tasks to VICTOR

VICTOR will take care of your redundant tasks so that you can focus on closing the lead.


Manage Quotations and Quickly access Quotations for every lead.

FOCUS on MANUAL TASKS while VICTOR takes care of Other TASKS

VICTOR is part of your team Let VICTOR share your load

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