If you’re a startup, you know that putting together the right teams to confidently delegate work can be quite a daunting task. But fortunately for you, one aspect of your business – software development, has a rather convenient and highly rewarding solution. And that is outsourcing software development. Here are some of the reasons to opt for an offshore software development company.

More experience

Having worked on multiple projects with a diverse clientele, software development companies are likely to have more experience, collectively. This experience gives rise to a high level of expertise in various aspects of software development which helps to rope invaluable insights to cater to your company’s needs.

Time management

Software development companies tend to live by a policy of meeting deadlines. After all, they’re focused on having a satisfied client, in this case – you. It’s more likely that they would deliver faster having only to focus on a specific set of responsibilities. With an in-house team in a startup, roles get shifty and can lead to time and resource wastage.

Meeting with growth demands

There could be times when you need all hands on deck while there could also be times where your highly trained tech experts may be doing nothing at all, based on what stage of development/growth your company’s at. With an offshore software development team, you can decide the amount of help you need and when.

Saving costs

It may seem like an unnecessary cost to hire an entire firm only to handle software development. But instead of trying to set up an in-house team of experts, hiring an offshore software development firm cuts the cost by leaps and bounds. You don’t have to worry about the selection, equipment, infrastructure or the training, etc. According to a global survey conducted by Deloitte, a leading consulting firm, it was found that 78% of companies had a positive outlook towards outsourcing and 59% of companies viewed it as a cost-cutting tool.

In addition, some software development firms are even willing to strike a partnership, which gives them a stake in the company and that much more incentive to help you succeed. The cost, then, to hire a firm can be redirected to other important areas of the business.

India has been an increasingly sought after option to outsource software development. According to a 2016 GSLI survey, India has been rated the number one out of 55 destinations for outsourcing. Thinkinno Technologies is among the top software development firms in India providing custom software development. If you’re looking for offshore software development company in India or offshore development in India, write to us at info@thinkinno.com.