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Referral Management System

Referral Management System Solution Overview Referral Management / Lead Management Application. Manage Leads, Contacts, Tasks. Get Action history for every leads. Better monitoring & Tracking of the leads. Fully Configurable Tasks | Automated Tasks Automated Communications using Email | SMS | Whatsapp. Integrated with Email, Calendar, Website. Challenges / Business Problem Build product with features..

Loan Management System (for DSAs)

Case Study – Loan Management System Solution Overview The solution is SAAS (Solution as a service) based. It is an application for Loan Consultant Companies or DSAs (Direct Selling Agents) of Banks & NBFCs. It enables to a DSA to monitor & Track loan applications. It enables a movement of an application on a pre-defined..

Strategy Planning & Execution

Strategy Planning & Execution Solution Overview The solution is SAAS (Solution as a service) based. It enable users to manage Vision, Mission, Core Values. It enables users to perform and note SWOT analysis. It enables users to determine Objective, its measures and initiatives with a defined start and end dates. It enables users to create/add/maintain..

Mobile App Realty Partners

Mobile App Realty Partners Solution Overview A native mobile app to enable users to register as a realty broker. It enables an admin user to create and maintain property details. It enables an admin to notify brokers about the new/change in the property. An admin user will main the users and its data. A facility..

Traffic Analysis System

Traffic Analysis System Solution Overview A desktop based application. Enable users to select a video traffic video, perform analysis and reports about the vehicles in the video. A facility to manually count a vehicle by pressing pre-defined keys. Generate reports with a count of vehicles, identified and unidentified vehicles, total vehicles, frame-wise count, average vehicles..

Online Will Generation (Web & Hybrid Mobile)

Online Will Generation Solution Overview The solution is SAAS (Solution as a service) based. It enable users to manage personal details, family details, assets, liabilities, discharge of the loans and bequeath of the assets and will generation in a desired format/templates. It is operated by intermediate users as financial planner/advisors with additional access of ability..

Case Study – Data Download, Analysis, Validation & Migration

Case Study – Data Download, Analysis, Validation & Migration Solution Overview 6500+ Bankers Data is required to be updated for 500+ line items at a frequency of Quarterly, Daily, On Demand basis The application is required to re-update the data that is updated at the source on a daily basis. Methodology Download the Data Validate..

Case Study – Executive Dashboard

Case Study – Executive Dashboard Solution Overview Executive Dashboard is a web based reporting interface for a desktop based application. The data in the Dashboard is imported from database of desktop application in a real time basis and instantly present the data into meaningful information for to the board. The Reports on the Web are..

Case Study – Risk Analysis & Reporting

Case Study – Risk Analysis & Reporting Solution Overview Risk Analysis is that part of Banking Tool which gives a complete Interest Rate Risk profile of any bank. Narrative summaries and visuals make it easy to confidently communicate a bank’s risk position. Bankers can cut through complexity, save time, and get the information needed for Board,..

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