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Inexpensive Usability – Part 2

In continuity to our series of “Inexpensive Usability”, in this version, we have added some more basic scenarios that could make a web page to be more user friendly and without additional efforts on the development side. You may view scenario 1 – 3 in Part 1. Scenario 4 – Too Many Text Fields: When there are many form..

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Inexpensive Usability – Part 1

A lot has been written and discussed about Usability. And often usable solutions or screens with usable features are considered to be an expensive ones i.e. it will require more efforts thus it will increase in overall cost. Initially we also thought the same, as we started thinking more as a user, it became easier for us and gradually our..

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Being – First Time Right

Imagine the days without GPS enabled devices, whenever we had to reach a destination and didn’t know the route. With some idea that we may have or after getting information from other, we proceed towards destination, and ultimately reach a place only to find that it is not the correct destination. There-after we re-confirm the way to..

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